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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Create an Easter Bunny using an Envelope

Empty White Envelopes
Construction Paper in (pink, white, black colors)
Wiggle Eyes - optional
Pink Pom-Pom
Cotton Ball

First seal the envelope shut. Cut the white cunstruction paper into two large oval shapes Cut two smaller circles, from black construction paper, to be used as eyes. The next step would be to cut the pink construction paper into two oval shapes, smaller than white ones. Now, stick the pink ovals over the larger white ovals in such a way that they are placed right in the middle. Now, glue the white ovals to the back of the envelope, to form the ears. Paste the black eyes the front of the envelope. Now, glue the pom-pom nose to the front of the envelope and the cotton ball tail to the back side. Create a mouth using the marker

This is a great craft to have your toddler help you with. If the child is a bit older you can have them help cut or simply help glue on.
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  1. I love a good bunny craft! This is super cute.

  2. That is one cute bunny. This time of year, it is always nice to have more bunny crafts.


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