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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Children Sleeping In Their Own Bedroom

As a Sunday School Teacher we often are told little things by our kids that are so funny. I love the fact that our kids love and trust enough to share little secrets with us. Recently one of our kiddos shared that their mommy and daddy wanted her to start sleeping alone in their bed. To her this was such a major idea, she would be alone in her room, sleep in her bed and she just did not know what to think. We offered our support and each week she comes back and has shared new details, currently she is out of her parents bedroom and sleeping on the couch, not yet in her bed but with building confidence she will get there. I remember this with my children as well. If you are trying to teach your child to sleep in their own bed here are a few tips you may want to check out:

  • Eliminate distractions such as radios, computers, t.vs that may keep your child awake
  • Start a bedtime routine so that your child can wind down and realize when it is time to go to bed
  • Start allowing her to have independence if you have to start out in her room then do so but gradually move away from her to the point that she will no longer need you in her room
  • perhaps a bottle of monster go away spray or a stuffed animal will allow her reassurance that she can do it
  • you can find other great tips at


  1. Great advice~glad that my boys adjusted to their own beds just fine........

  2. This can be so traumatic for some children. These are good suggestions.


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