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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for many things none more than the fact that I know that my Lord loves me. I am thankful that my son has decided to go on a mission trip and looks so forward to it. I am thankful that the fund raiser the youth at church put together was so great. I am thankful that my children feel that their church is their hangout place, their place to meet friends and a place they belong. I am thankful as graduation draws closer that my children look forward to what comes next and are all ready making plans. I am thankful that my daughter is having bonding time with her aunt and uncle and that she is so mature and ready to move on in life. I so love the fact that she is ready for that next step in life. I pray that she will find the correct path of life and travel among it. I am thankful that Princess may be coming for a visit this weekend. I pray that she feels better but happy that the doctor says that she has no ear aches etc... maybe a touch of the flu.

that is what I am thankful for what are you thankful for? Share your list or read others at Women Taking a Stand