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Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review: They're Your Parents Too by Francine Russo

I recently had the chance to review a book that hit close to home for me. As the second oldest of five siblings I have allot of responsibility in family situations. My brothers are strong and great and try to take care of all it is hard for one person to do all. My sisters are bold, hard headed and like things their way. When you get all five of us together it can be quite a feat. That is why I loved the book They're Your Parents Too by Francine Russo. The book is about adult children who have aging parents and the task that goes with caring for their parents. My parents were baby boomers and many of my friends , like me have aging parents.

The book shares the fact that the oldest daughter would normally take care of the parents. In my family when my father was bad this was not the case my brother still lived at home as adult children and took care of my parents. So with this in mind my brother who is a bachelor still lives at home with my mom and while her health is great and no fear of her being sick I wonder what will happen when and if she ever gets sick as she gets older.

My mother has her ideas of what each of us children should do. She seems to think that I am the family historian and that my kid brother should be allowed to know about family history when he gets older. Finances seem to fall in my brothers care as he seems to help her with this and my younger brother does most of anything he is asked to. But while we all agree now and help our mom do what she ask the question the book They're Your Parents Too ask on the matter of finances seems to open my eyes a bit here as well. I am not sure if my mother has ever shared financial information with anyone and that scares me. When the time comes I believe my brothers and I should try to find out what we should do and where finances stand. Thanks to Francine Russo and the book They're Your Parents Too I have a new outlook in these matters.

We all have parents that is for sure. Whether we have the opportunity to care for our parents and do it our way or we have siblings that we must get along with the fact is one day our parents will all need cared for. Francine Russo book They're Your Parents Too may be just the book that you need to help keep it all together.


  1. I'm going to get the book for my children. No joke, I really intend to. Have a great day.

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