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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruby Red Tuesday: Daughter in Cardinals Tee

daughter in her cardinal tee playing a game on the old nintendo.

for more great red pictures visit the blog Work of the Poet and Special Exposure Wed. at the blog 5 minutes for special needs


  1. Excellent picture. Happy RT :)

  2. Yep! That a T shirt and it's got red in it..

  3. Hi Annie, you have a nice family. Your daughter likes her shirt but she doesn't have to like the Cardinals does she? We have the Houston Astros here and the Reds are always big trouble for us.
    Happy RT, thank you for your nice visit. Yes, I was hurting a little for red so I just looked around to see what I had that would tie together a little bit. It passed my test.

  4. My daughter has a Nintendo addiction too!


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