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Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

This week was a doozy of sorts. With all the running around Birthdays to celebrate and football games.

I did not turn a year older after all we only do that until a certian point in life. My lucky number was 30 and now every year when September 9th comes around I turn 30 all over again

I did not envy my college age son when he spoke of all the fun he was having at college. The old fashioned scavanger hunts and the great fun of taking walks in groups. I was not a bit proud of him for choosing the college he did.

I did not encourage my daughter a bit to participate in school activities. I would not be that proud mother who loves to watch her children do all they can and be all they can.

I was not an observer as my football playing son and his doctor cut it up in the doctors office at his last appointment. I was not super proud of my son when he said he was not a bit afraid to go away to college because he knew that he would make it any where he went.

That was a glimpse into my life of what I did and did not do now it is your turn to read more or participate and share at MckMama My Charming Kids


  1. Yet again, a wonderful list :)

  2. Happy 30th birthday !!! I'm sticking to 35 myself. Happy NNM !


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