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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ore Originals Peek A Boo Set

As Princess gets older she passes milestones along the way. Now that she is a year old she has all ready started feeding herself finger foods and will soon be eating properly with fork and spoon.

She once again had to have the cutest dish set. After all nothing but the cutest for my little Princess. We received the Ore Originals Peek A Boo set in pink and I believe it is adorable.

What could be cuter than a pretty pink peek a boo dish set for a little one year old Princess? Well I adored the set. Not only was it super cute it was built to last. The Peek a Boo collection by Ore Originals consist of five pieces. The set includes a 8.5 inch diameter melamine plate, a 6 oz. BPA free sippy cup with lid, a 20 oz. bowl and a matching fork and spoon. Don't worry mom it is as great for you as it is for the little one. The set comes gift boxed so easy wrapping if you plan on giving it as a gift. Clean up is easy as the set is dishwasher safe although hand washing is recommended. The best part about this set is that all of Ore Originals vinyl related products are non toxic and lead free. The peek a boo dish set is available in the colors green and blue as well.

The Ore Originals products were originally only a little girls dream. Do you remember as a child playing make believe like in house, store or school. Well Lisa Lowe the follower of Ore Originals pretended to create items as her and her brother played store. She would draw the items and the game of shop would be played out. The first item that was created was bulletin boards and these would be created and shipped out of a garage. Lisa would then move on to create items needed in dorms, homes and for pets. Lisa would create products that she saw needed and when her son was born the product line for children was created as well. I love how life seemed to guide Lisa in what products to create. Now the Ore Originals has a product for nearly everyone and for every personality.

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