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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Beard Care

I have three adult sons and they all love for some reason to have a beard. But when they don't have time to take care of it because of work, stress or family they do not look the best. Beard hair has a way of going wild and growing matted when left uncared for. There is a way to make a beard tamed if you follow daily grooming routine after washing and drying your beard.

One tool that can help keep a beard looking good is a beard comb. Knotting of the beard as well as tangles can be controlled by combing the beard. Regularly trimming your beard also can help it look great. Trimming of the beard helps keep a shape that is appropriate.

Beard oil will help to minimize skin irritation that occurs from the initial growth and at times even after it has been present a bit. Oil will keep your beard hair soft and fluffy. Oils such as almond or grape seed are best or go for a more fragrant oil such as lemon or sandalwood.

Personal story time
My dad started growing a beard when I was just a kid for the towns 100th birthday. He won a prize and I don't recall him not having a beard after that time

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