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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Be More Like Mary Poppins

The summer of 1964 saw the release of the film Mary Poppins. The most famous nanny in the world was introduced to the world via a movie with her name. Mary Poppins hosted both animation and live action. Several social issues were shared through the scenes of the film as well. The issues of the 1960s are some of the same that face the world today.

The movie Mary Poppins was well received and in 1965 it was nominated for 13 academy awards. The movie would capture 5 awards. Julie Andrews would win the award for best actress and that unforgettable music would win the movie the award for best score. Mary Poppins was also the only Disney movie to win the award of  Best Picture.

The movie was simply Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Those in acting roles were awesome and delivered the story through a child's perception. The movie was lively with both animation and live acting. But, perhaps it was the music throughout the film that offered its best success story. Everyday life was shared with a hint of magic is perfect for all adults and children alike.

Mary Poppins did not shy away from the social views of the day. The social issues of the time were battled head on through different parts of the movie. 1964 was the year that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act banned employment discrimination based on sex. Mary Poppins and Mrs. Banks were icons of the feminism era. They chose to be happy , cheery Disney coated characters that voiced political equality and equal rights. Mary Poppins shared a view of how children can be raised with structure and organization but always with a bit of fun. Mr. Banks also set a tone and example of how to be a family man and happy together.

Mary Poppins in Today's World would :

  • talk with more fun spirited metaphors like in the movie "Sometimes a person we love,  through no fault of his own, cant see past the end of his nose" which is a nicer way to say that people are oblivious. Mary's speech was whimsical and charming. 
  • She would always be prepared for whatever came her way. It was Mary Poppins way of making life better to have at hand any item that served a purpose
  • While she did the same sort of things that me and you do, she also did things that were highly different like sliding up a staircase banister rather than down. The key here is to not be too predictable, while save predictability can be a bit boring as well
  • Choose good friends that can help you with what you are working on and care about. In the movie Mary and Bert were great friends
  • One lesson that my grandmother often stressed and one that I am sure Mary would agree with is not to judge anything by simply the way it looks. If this would have happened perhaps the story of Mary Poppins would never have been told
  • Use the words that are needed to be said when they are needed to be said. Mary did just this and when the words wont come simply take them with a spoonful of sugar. The sweet things in life help the unsavory things go down better. 

P L Travers the author of the books that the movie Mary Poppins was based on were both popular and successful so it only goes to reason that the movie would be as well.

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