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Sunday, August 26, 2018

How to Prepare your Herb Garden for Winter

Sage is one herb that will need no special treatment for winter. The frost will stop the growth of sage but before that happens cut a branch or two to dry and use in Thanksgiving day stuffing.

Rosemary is a tender evergreen perennial that should be taken care of prior to the cold months. If left outside it should first be sheltered. IF you choose to take inside it can be potted up in containers and kept inside for the winter.

Thyme is a herb that seems to be nearly indestructible as it goes dormant in the fall and revives its self in the spring. 

Parsley, may be able to stand up to a light frost but if it is any colder it should be covered up for protection.

Chives are hardy and can be dug up by the clump and potted. The foliage will die down. The pot of chives should be kept inside in a sunny cool spot. Throughout the winter be sure to keep watered

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