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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Shopping Tips ::::: Thrift Store

One thing that I love to do is shop. With a large family I have shopped many different places some of my favorites are thrift stores. After gaining experience at shopping thrift stores I would like to share some tips with you as well.

Most times we go shopping as a family but even we go as a family I secretly wish I could shop alone. Taking my time and looking at the pieces on the rack have often helped me find the best pieces. IF I take someone that easily gets distracted boredom will set in and following boredom is whining. So if possible when you are shopping to fill the wardrobe go alone.

Look at the items carefully, very carefully. Quality items can be found but they must be sorted out from those that are not. You must find the size you are looking for as well so the two of them together makes it clear why you must take your time and look at it all piece by piece. There are great pieces but you need to be selective and find the ones you are looking for and not settle.

There is speed reading, speed dating and thrift store shopping swill help you become a speed shopper. There are hundreds of items to look through so while you look carefully you need to do so with a bit of speed. First step, take a good look with your eyes. Many higher end store brands are present in the racks of clothing. Finding them is the goal if that is what you are into. Name brand items are normally in good condition as they start with material that holds up well. In addition, their are pieces that often still have the original price tag at our local store. That is always a plus.

While brands that we love are great dont be afraid to look at items that are brands that we are not aware of  Be sure that you buy what fits well, what you feel good in and what you need. Be sure that you inspect each item, after all you are shopping at a thrift store minor issues may be present. It is always better to find these issues before you buy the item.

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