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Monday, August 20, 2018

whats your legacy

I often remind my children and grandchildren that they need to always try their best and behave like they are supposed to as they represent me. I feel this way partly because this is what my grandmother would tell me. What my behaviors are reflected back on the family. But how exactly does this work??

The generation that went before us has created a reputations. Sometimes this is good and other times it is not. In our family , it was good as the previous generations worked hard and created a name in the community to be proud of It is a name that whether I like it or not (which  I love it) is mine because I am the generation that followed.

It is more than a reputation that should be lived up to it is a legacy. Our family legacy is full of hard working farmers. While I do not farm I do work hard and still enjoy many of the activities that my parents and grandparents took part in It is now my turn as there have been two other generations of our family to come since I was born to come along. Materialistic wealth is not exactly where it all is, it is in how we treat others and how others think about us.

Leaving a legacy, a way of leaving a meaningful, lasting and energizing contribution to humanity. It is through serving a cause that is greater than that of our selves. We are all unique and most of us have at least one thing that we are passionate about. It is by devoting ourselves to that cause or reason that helps create a legacy. It is the desire to go beyond our safety box and help others or fight for a cause.

What would you make as your legacy?? I have devoted much time to helping others and will continue to do so but to say I have been devoted to a specific cause I would say not at this time. What is your legacy?

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