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Friday, August 24, 2018

History Is Full of Wonder ===== Maryland

The state of Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria of France. Henrietta Maria was the queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland and also the wife of King Charles the first. The state flag of Maryland is the only one that is based on English heraldry. The design comes from the first shield of Lord Baltimore. The 1630s black and gold quarters are the arms of Lord Baltimore's family, the Calverts.

One of the original 13 states, Maryland, entered the union as the 7th state on August 24th. Maryland had a lot to offer one commodity was the coast. Maryland's coast has come to be rooted in maritime heritage where it has seen battle in the ocean defending Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. It was at that location that the National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner was penned by Francis Scott Key. Key was born in Maryland and inspired by the American flag as it continued to wave during the battle and attack from the British navy during the war of 1812.

One individual from Maryland, John Smith explored the Chesapeake Bay area. His travels were recorded and included information about Native Americans in the area as well as plant life and animals in the area.

Maryland has a rich history as well. The civil war era with the battlefields and Antietam National Cemetery are among the many places that remain keeping scores of rich historical information. One date that rings out is September 17, 1862 when one of the bloodiest battles was fought. Shortly after this battle Lincoln issued a Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. Maryland was considered southern as it was below the Mason Dixon line but unlike the rest of the southern states Maryland never receded from the Union.  (The Mason Dixon line was drawn between Pennsylvania an Maryland in 1760s to end a border dispute. The line was commonly used when speaking of the division between America's north and south states)

You can find the oldest state capitol that has seen continuous use in Maryland. The Maryland state house has also served as the Continental Congress meeting spot from November 26, 1785 to August 13 1784 It was at this location that George Washington resigned his commander in chief ending the Revolutionary war. The judges of Maryland all wear rear red robes when on the judges chair.

Looking for a job in aerospace, defense, or federal cybersecurity?? Look no further than Maryland. Other industries rich in the state include fishing and seafood. Some of the many names located in the state are Perdue, McCormick, Black & Decker and Underarmor.

Maryland is full of mountains and oceans, countryside and metropolis. When visiting Maryland many desire to visit the Boardwalk where relaxation, adventure, and fun in the sun can be found abundant. The area also provides stunning scenic views, site seeing , peaceful accommodation, festivals and events for everyone.

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