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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Do Like It when Bananas Split

Have you ever been to an ice cream parlor?? I must say I have only been to one ice cream parlor in all my years. The one time we went was with my parents and I was in middle school. There were so many different things to order from ice cream sundaes that we enjoyed to banana splits and other ice cream delights . It is quite common to find such goodies in an ice cream shop but did you know that it was a `pharmacy and not an ice cream parlor that served up the first banana split.

To me this is not a true surprise as our local little town pharmacy also served ice cream, sodas, sandwiches and more. So I can imagine that David Evans Strickler, a 23 year old pharmacist apprentice created the first banana split while experimenting with new sundae flavors. The treat was sold for a dime a piece and since that time the banana split has been celebrated on the 25th of August. 

Banana splits are perfect to share with friends because:

  • The banana split is perfect size to share with a friend. Normally having 3 scoops of ice cream, fudge, whipped cream banana and more it allows to split it in half top them both of with cherry and share with someone you love
  • Banana splits can be fixed the way you like them. Choose the toppings, ice cream flavors, types of chocolate, how your bananas are sliced Anyway you like it, fix it up and enjoy the banana split how you like it. 

Fact about the author of Annies Home:
in 1979 at the local DQ  I was selected to be part of the banana split eating contest. I did not win but  had a great time and was a memory made at 9 years old that would last a life time 

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