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Friday, August 24, 2018

Amelia Earhart ===== Wonderful Goal Breaking Pilot Is Also Character In Grand Mystery

The year was 1932, the date was August 24th, a woman by the name of Amelia Earhart set off on the first successful coast to coast flight for a woman. The trip would take Earhart on a journey from Los Angeles, California to Newark New Jersey. It would take a remarkable 18 hours and 5 minutes. 

This flight would be remarkable and go down in history. But the story of Amelia Earhart began many years ago in Atchinson Ky on July 24, 1897. Growing up Earhart was adventurous enjoying many of the same things that boys her age did. From climbing trees and shooting rats. Playing girl games like dolls was not something she enjoyed. At around the age of 20 years old on a Christmas vacation Earhart became inspired to enter aviation. Her first flight inspired her to save up money for flying lessons and soon in 1923 would become only the 16th woman to obtain a flying license. 

Many may not realize that Earhart was married to George Putnam but kept her maiden name rather than taking a marrie name. It was just another remarkable move in Amelia being a strong woman and demanding what she wanted. Her flying career would obtain such first as well. For example, the time she flew over the same path that Charles Lindbergh took flying over the Atlantic Ocean. That was quickly followed by her coast to coast trip in 1932. The next goal would be to attempt a trip around the world which would take place June 1937. It would be the last trip she would fly as she and her co-pilot would disappear over the Pacific Ocean. 

in 2017 a photo that was possibly Earhart and her co-pilot were found in the National Archives. Was it truly a picture of them and were they taken prisoners by the Japanese military?? The adventure and stories of Earhart seems to still capture the attention of many

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