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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fall Prep for the Yard and Garden

As summer slowly starts to wind down, fall is on its way. Just like the fable of the ant and grasshopper as fall comes closer there are jobs that must be done. While fall is a glorious time of year full of laughter and good times there are jobs that must be completed to prevent later problems. The summer jobs of mowing and weeding may come to a close but yard work is not yet over. There are jobs that need to be done in the fall before winter so that we will be prepared for next year.

  • Yard debris such as old leaves, mulch , grass and branches must be cleaned up and taken care of. These areas can lead to insects such as mosquitos, fungus and other diseases that no one wants. Be sure to check under shrubs and roses for old branches and leaves. Another area that end of summer grass clippings and old leaves accumulate are the flowerbeds. Cleaning them out will not only prevent future pest but also help you prepare for next season. How many trees in your yard?? Will you have large amounts of leaves or not so many?? While leaves are great for composting into fertilizer to be used in flower beds and gardens one great way to rid the leaf problem simply mow them over with a lawnmower with an attached bag. The chopped up leaves can be spread in garden areas

  • While your soil is full of nutrients, it is depleted at the end of the growing season. Fall fertilizer is needed to restore nutrients. So why not give your grass, shrubs, an perennials some help to make it through the winter with a little fertilization. 
  • You may be surprised when I tell you that experts advise not to prune dead flowers and branches in the fall but to wait til spring to prune. During the fall and winter months the plant should go dormant but pruning the plants stimulates new growth something that it will not be doing
  • Fall is the perfect time to mulch. Use your choice of bark, shredded bark, pine needles, or chopped leaves. Mulch should be at least 6 inches away from stems or trunks of plants to prevent mice from nesting. 

  • Nature's critters like rabbits, voles, mice and rats are all looking for somewhere to spend the winter. Somewhere they can nest and feed til spring. Areas that are covered with tall weeds and brush are perfect for these little pest. To prevent them clean up outdoor debris, remove food and water sources. 
  • Spring flowering bulbs and garlic can be planted until the ground freezes. 
  • Cool season veggies should be protected to extend the harvest
Enjoy the rest of your summer, have a great fall and don't forget to prepare so you wont know what to do when it is time for winter season

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