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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What's the Risk

The turtle, smart enough to stay inside away from danger, slow enough to be cautious about his movements and whenever he sticks his neck out he can make great strides of progress. That is sort of how humans are as well. We often feel safe inside of where we call home and want to keep it the way things are. After all, if things stay the way they are then no trouble, issue or drama can occur correct??

The same thing that we believe keeps our day to day safe is also not the thing that is not allowing us to enjoy life to the fullest. As a middle age adult I recall my youthful days , the days where I took plenty of risk, some paying off and some not so well. So we look at our youth days and decide that we truly have no room to make for change at the present time.

Many others will also recommend that we " enjoy life" "take limited risks" "play it safe" as well as "be conservative" The type of life that I speak of will help us be "safe" but not allow us to get the true reward or adventure out taking risks that could help our wildest dreams come true.

A risk free life is a risk all on its own. A chance to be shortsighted and not to live up to our full potential. Life is full of risks and to avoid them would be just that , avoiding life. A life without risk is boring, unproductive and one that I would rather not live.

Several years ago I was a teacher, a leader and an individual who met risk head on. Since that time I have hidden my head and left it all behind. Perhaps it is time to take the risks of life again. Following our Lord should not be considered a "risk" Taking our eyes off the task the Lord has given us is much larger risk.

Taking that step of faith is often hard to do but must be completed. It is simply doing the right thing. The other day at church I was offered the chance to help with Vacation Bible School, what would the risk be?? Would I allow work to hold me back from teaching children the stories of the bible??
Perhaps, it is time to take that bold step of faith. God has a calling for each of us and I believe that I have been called to help others.

What is the risk you are being called to take?? Has God been talking to you to take that first step of faith. God has a plan for each of us, this I trust. Don't be that turtle that hides his head and escapes from the risk. Like the turtle life will need you to stick your head out. Is Jesus calling you to stick your head out?? The bible is full of risk takers , there are a few losers along the way as well. If you decide to take that risk, and lose your ways cry out to Jesus he is always there to help you.

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