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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday----- Late for a Reason I had a few Busy Days :(

The Weather::
weather here has been a bit of heat followed up by rain storms. Got into bad storm on Sunday but made it home safe and sound.

Tonight I have been:
sitting on the porch with family and enjoying the evening. I have not turned on a/c yet and the outside in the evening feels a lot cooler outside

of my busy schedule tomorrow , looks like I will be at ball field several hours with many other things to do as well. Sister is in another walk a thon so wishing her luck as well

On my night stand:
a few magazines I need to skim through as well as a notebook. I want to get the summer projects under way as soon as possible.

On T.V.:
currently watching the weather station and how to survive the weather.
Something Interesting I watched:
I love to watch shows like unsolved mysteries etc... when they are updated that is my favorite part and very interesting to me. I also love watching news shows to keep up with what is going on in the world.
On the Menu this week....
Monday: we dined on ball field food, while not the healthiest there are choices that can be made and when tight on time this is sometimes what truly happens

Tuesday: pizza and another busy night as the boyscouts (yes my grand-daughter is a boy scout) were doing a service project making flower boxes to help raise veggies that will be offered at food pantries.

homemade meal of goulash, yes, I did say homemade find the recipe here

Thursday : another busy night at the ball field and we will dine on corn dogs and slush's
Friday: family cookout will have to update in post later
Saturday boy scout picnic
Sunday -- will be visiting fellow church for lots of fun and eats

On my to do list....
Its been busy with much more business to go so daily housework includes:

  • 2-3 loads of laundry
  • dishes
  • cleaning bathroom and kitchen
  • evening activity Thursday: ballgames Friday: Library event and family cook out Saturday: boy scout picnic and Sunday: Fun with friends
In the craft basket:
busy re-doing a few old end tables that we rescued from his step-dads home. 

Looking forward to this week:
take a look at the to do list , that and so much more 

Looking around the house
I see much more that needs to be done. Lets start with just the upcoming job of the bathroom.

  • removing cast iron tub
  • replacing floor and carpet
  • new sink and cabinet
  • last but not least curtains and accessories

Through the camera take a look at myself, my husband, my daughter and 2 of her children

Some may not know why I try so hard at what I do, they may ask and never truly understand. The reason I care for those that I care for so much is because it was something I was taught to do. Now, faced with a possible future of health issues that put me down not out for a bit I want all  to know

what would your answers be come join the fun here


  1. Enjoyed reading your HHM post. I'm running late this week, too. Was out of town all week and just got in last night. The goulash looks delicious! Reminds me of the kind my mom used to make when I was little. Yum! Nice family photo! Have a blessed weekend! <3

  2. I remember the days of trying to plan meals around the ball fields, sometimes eating there does work out best. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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