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Friday, May 25, 2018

Foster Care Month ==== Baptist Children's Home and Family Services

Life is hard we all have had struggles and sometimes it may seem that we will never get over them. Eventually we do, my son in law calls this the roller coaster effect. I am so lucky to have him and the rest of my family whether in laws, please no out laws, or true blood family we all come together when the need arises no matter what it may be. However, there are some families that struggle and the need of resources is needed.

In Illinois one of those resources may be the Baptist Children's Home and Family Services. When families are faced with great challenges or go through difficult times that create turmoil there is hope at the BCHFS. Angels' Cove is often able to help parents and guardians by providing foster care services with the children's best interest in mind. Christian couples are willing to take the responsibility to guide through these difficult times.

Temporary foster care placements help families that are in need of respite or other emergency situations. Loving Christian families are licensed to help the kids. These Christian couples will mentor the children in their care. If in home care is not available or the proper fit for the situation there are also homes at the Baptist Children's Home where less restrictive care can take place.

The Baptist Children's home offers help to mothers who simply need to "get back on their feet" After issues of emotional physical or financial stress a short term temporary care placement may be needed. Often during this needed placement counseling may be offered as well. Together the program the family may be saved from days of abuse or neglect During these times of need parents maintain all parental rights and voluntary to get help.

There are times that a need arises that a child will need care while waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Children with emotional and physical problems may need special care at a foster care home as well.

Baptist Children Homes and family Services foster homes are licensed and maintained. Like all foster homes the staff and homes are required to meet all standards set forth by the State of Illinois, Department of Children & Family Services Foster families are reimbursed at a monthly rate plus medical care expenses

Over one hundred years ago, members of Carmi First Baptist Church were called by God to build a place of where children who were left alone would feel as if they belonged. The buildings were built brick by brick with hard work and perseverance. This Christ centered ministry of compassion started from a field in White County Illinois. Where corn and beans had previously grown was claimed by Gods love. The willing hearts of a few and through faith , sacrifice, and vision created a place of help for generations to come.

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