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Monday, May 21, 2018

Thank You Clara Barton

May 21, 1881 Clara Barton with the help of close friends found the American Red Cross. The event took place in Washington D.C. The movement took place after Barton returned home from a visit from Europe. The Swiss inspired global Red Cross was the spark behind what would become The American Red Cross.

Clara Barton is considered one of the all time bravest women. Barton would risk her life to bring supplies and support to soldiers who were directly involved in battled during the Civil War. At the age of 60 Barton would begin the American Red Cross  and led it for 23 years. Clarissa "Clara" Barton was born on Christmas day 1821. She was a pioneering nurse who worked in the hospital during the American Civil War. She would pass at age of 91.

Today, the Red Cross is still very involved in helping those in need. From helping find shelter, food, health and mental health care. The Red Cross is there to help any family or community that may need it. The Red Cross is not a government agency but it is an essential part of the response when disaster strikes.

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