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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Keep The Car Looking Good For Summer

School will be out in a week or so and summer vacation will soon be here. Summer at our house is filled with lots of day trips and long haul journeys. Trips that include going a wee bit for a picnic and even further for some family fun. If the car is clean and orderly the trip no matter how long will be more enjoyable.

Before summer begins (Thursday June 21st) give your car a good cleaning inside and out. Going from the inside out cleaning and organizing the car will help make the summer more enjoyable. Those stray candy bar wrapper, chip packages and crumpled juice boxes all should be tossed. Items lost during the long winter and bags of items that were lost in care for the last few months need to be taken out and put away appropriately.

keep the vehicle clean and organized by allowing in only what is needed during the transit.

Cleaning the outside of the car will help you feel good as well. Microfibre cloths are best to use on paintwork, windows, and wheels If you use chemicals to clean be sure to read the label and follow usage guides to detect what areas of the car to use it on.

Car scratches can be touched up by using a compound and a special pad. The compound may need to be used several times. Car polish is optional but it will help enhance colour and gloss of paintwork. Polish can be applied by hand or a polisher. Polish should be applied prior to wax treatment.

Car windows should look good so that you can easily see out of them. Domestic window cleaner should be avoided. Car window cleaner is a better product to use. Clean in circular motions and wipe down with a clean cloth at least twice to get rid of any residue.

Cleaning the interior of the car is as important as the outside. Start by clearing all the junk out of the car and give it a good vacuum. Remove mats and vacuum them before replacing. The interior of the car can be polished, the windows should be clean and an air freshener can be placed in the car to keep that clean car smell

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