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Monday, May 21, 2018

National Memo Day

With all the great summer activities going on you will quite often note me taking a memo. My thoughts are not as they were even a few years ago and the activity that surrounds my world leaves me needing to make several notes. So glad that I am not alone as today is National Memo Day.

May 21st of each year celebrates National Memo Day. A Memo may be one of the most important pieces of communication as it is a not that is often jotted down to help us remember something important. While memo notes are used often at the workplace, I find them quite handy at the house as well. A memo is a note that reminds us of something important. A memo can be digital, written on a sheet or paper or electronic.

National Memo Day is one of the odd days where no one quite knows who created the day. We do know what that the day is to help celebrate those little notes that help us solve various obstacles, issues and concerns Whether it is writing down an important note, a date, address or maybe even a telephone number, directions to a location, what is needed at the store, a to do list, memos are important tools.

 Celebrate memo day by practicing your "memo-ship" Write, send or read memos. Memo-day would be a great time to remind our selves and others of topics of importance that we should not forget.

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