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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Benefits of Air Drying Laundry

During my childhood, it was nothing to ride my bike around the neighborhood and see clothes drying on the line in many backyards. Today, that is a scene that is not as common as yester-year. Whether it be an old fashioned outdoor clothesline held up by wooden post, a clothes line constructed using steel post, or whatever there are many benefits of drying your clothes in fresh air.


  • Hanging our clothes on a line to air dry helps our clothes by prolonging the use of them. A dryer tumbles the damp laundry which takes a toll on fibers of fabric. High dry heat will shrink and ruin some fabrics. Line drying is a gentle way of drying your clothes allowing them to dry naturally
  • Thinking of saving some money?? Whose not?? Line Drying clothes will help lower the gas or electric bill. 
  • Conserving energy by line drying clothes will help to protect the environment. Drying clothes outside can help reduce average carbon footprint of a home. 
  • The National Fire Protection Association states that clothes dryers or washing machines can be the cause of house fires. Line drying clothes will help to cut the risk of house fires. 
  • Need another great reason to line dry your clothes?? How about the fact that it will get you outside. Get out in nature and get a break away from the indoors can help your mood as well. Along with getting outside the movement involved with hanging laundry on the line will allow you to put a bit of exercise in your day as well. 
  • Sunlight is a natural bleach and disinfectant but keep in mind a down side is that it also naturally fades bright colors if left in light to long. Hang these items inside out will help 
  • Have you ever noticed that fabric softener sheets have been created with a scent of sunshine or outside?? Hanging clothes on the line naturally gives you the scent of outside. 
  • Did you know that line drying can help remove stains. NO chemical , perfumes, or dyes-

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