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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Winter Was Hard on The Lawn.... Dont worry Spring is Here

Winter weather can be hard on your lawn. This is a true fact as we all know. Winter often leaves behind dead grass, salt damage, snow mold, thatches and more. While it seems there is nothing that can be done dont worry Spring is coming. 

Spring is the perfect time for lawn and garden care. First thing to find out is if your soil has been damaged during the winter weather. Easy test is to push screwdriver into ground if it is easy to push into ground the soil is in good condition, however, if it is not then your soil has been compacted. Your lawn will need to be aerated, this can be done easily by a lawn aerator that can be rented from your local rental center. 

If you happen to find wilted leaves or discolored grass on the lawn it may be time for your lawn to be limed. In order to lime your yard the early frost mornings must be completed. 

Have you found bald spots where your lawn needs to be reseeded?? You will need to apply a slow release nitrogen fertilizer as well as a quick release nitrogen fertilizer after 5 weeks when the grass begins to germinate. 

As April is Lawn and Garden Month I will be sharing more tips and how to's in the coming days. Be sure to come back and see what we share

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  1. Thanks for these lawn tips. I really need to have my lawn aerated for sure.


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