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Friday, April 20, 2018

Beets come in more colors than red

 Beets have often been given a rough way to go but they may just surprise you. The garden beets root and leaves can both be eaten. Other beets are used to feed livestock. Beets became rather desired during the 19th century when it was discovered beets were a concentrated sense of sugar. It was Napoleon who decreed that the beet be used as the primary source of sugar. Around that same time beets were brought to the United States. Sugar beets now grow freely in the United States. Around 30% of the worlds sugar comes from beets.

One of the most common beet is the red beet. Red beets are also known as the garden beet, the table been and the beet. Red beets are often boiled and cooked to be eaten, they can also be eaten cold in a salad as well Some will enjoy beet soup as well. No matter how you enjoy red beets they are good for the body.

\Red Beets are a good source of vitamin C. Through time beets have been used to battle against vitamin C deficiencies such as scurvy. Beets are also a good source of betaine, a nutrient that is vital to good cardiovascular health. Betaine helps guard against strokes and heart disease. The nutrient is also beneficial in protecting the liver and raises the level of stomach acid

Beetroot juice is also beneficial and yes comes from the red beet. The juice helps to reduce high blood pressure The nitrate present in beetroot helps to make this true. 


  1. I love beets and don't buy them nearly enough!

    1. my grandmother loved them and my sister carries on that love. Most of my family do not prefer beets so I eat them as often as I can but never enough


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