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Friday, April 20, 2018

Some times You Just Have To Turnip

Turnips are a lot like potatoes in both texture and appearance. Turnips, however, have a bitter flavor that pairs well with sweet meat like pork. Turnips are root vegetables that can be found year round in the produce aisle. Turnips are normally in season October - March. Turnips can add a number of vitamins and minerals that will benefit your overall health.

Turnips are white skinned root vegetable. They are used both in recipes for humans and to feed livestock. Turnip greens are consumed in some parts of the world. The leaves are often bitter and must be boiled down to be palatable much like mustard greens. Turnips are made in a number of recipes a few of the way turnips are used culinary are:

  • young or baby turnips are harvested at an early stage and are delicate and sweet in taste. Perfect for vegetable salad. Often served along with cabbage, carrot, and beetroot. Older turnips have a woody taste that is too strong for salads
  • Turnips can be diced into cubes and added to a piping hot vegetable stew. Ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, and shallots go well with recipes with turnips. Turnip greens as well as flesh can be cooked in soups and curries. 
  • In places such as India, Pakistan, and Iran enjoy turnip cubes that are pickled just like carrots
  • Raw turnips can be used in dips or coleslaw. Turnip strips or shreds can be used in dips, salad or coleslaw.

Turnips have many nutritional reasons to eat as well

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