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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Dolphin Faces Extinction

Dolphins have their own day in April, Saturday April 14th. I believe that sharing an appreciation with those who visit my blog. While the day has passed I still want to share with you about the dolphin.

Dolphin facts:

  • dolphins have built in sonar
  • dolphins are born tail first
  • dolphins communicate via whistling
  • The Bottlenose dolphin is on of the smartest animals on earth

Dolphins are mammals and belong in the same category as humans. Dolphins live in the water and look like large fish. Many do not realize that dolphins do not belong to the fish family but  to the mammal family. Dolphins breathe air through blowholes and must come to surface to breathe. Dolphins also give birth to live babies like all mammals do. Fish lay eggs. Other mammal qualities dolphins have include nursing their young and being warm blooded. 

Dolphins are found all over the world. There are 34 different species of dolphins that live in the various oceans and even a few dolphins that live in rivers. Did you know that killer whales are dolphins as well. Dolphins live in groups called pods or schools. There are around a dozen dolphins in each pod but if pods combine they form superpods. Superpods can have more than 1,000 members.

Dolphins are social animals and enjoy living together. Bonds are formed with their mates as they help each other. When sick or hurt the members of the pod will come together to help the members who struggle.

Dolphins are threatened with extinction. The cousin of the dolphin the wales also face extinction due to:

  • being caught in fishing gear
  • injury or death from being hit by ships
  • melting ice is changing the seawater into more fresh water like. Dolphins who have adapted to living in saltwater don't survive well in freshwater
  • Toxic chemicals in water damage the dolphins reproductive and immune system
  • Dolphins are hunted 
One type of dolphin that faces extinction is the Vaquita. 

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  1. Awww I love dolphins, they are really cute! I never knew that there are 34 different species of them though!

  2. It is so sad that dolphins are being threatened with extinction. We need to fight for these cute animals. Dolphins are so adorable. I knew that they were mammals and one of the smartest animals. I did not know they were related to killer whales. I would love to swim with dolphins because it looks like a fun life adventure to have.

  3. I love Dolphins! I remember my parents took us to a Dolphin show when we were still kids. It's really sad that these creatures are facing extinction.

  4. It's so sad that so many species face possible extinction. I love dolphins for how beautiful and smart they are.

  5. i love dolphins for their beauty and brains. thank you for sharing this rich information about their growth process.

  6. Humans have to stop with the extinction of these animals. I love dolphins I think they are so cute I hope they can stay here with us!

  7. Oh no! They're on of my favorite sea creatures. I didn't even know they were facing extinction. It really breaks my heart to hear how people mistreat the world we liv in.


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