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Friday, April 20, 2018

What are all those blood test

Visit the doctor and more than likely you will have a blood test done. Blood test are common and offer information that other wise may not be known. There are many blood test types and many different reasons blood may be taken. Some of the most common and important type of blood test include:

  • A Full Blood Count test may be completed if blood levels are needed to be known. 
  • blood test for kidneys is done to check the health of the kidney or sign of kidney failure
  • liver function test are used for the detection of possible injury or inflammation to the liver. 
  • Blood sample is taken in the morning and checked for glucose levels to check for diabetes
  • Pricking a finger is an easy way to check for cholesterol in the body. 
  • urinalysis have been used for decades and offers doctor an idea how body is functioning during metabolically
  • cancer test are used to detect the presence of particular types of cancer and to monitor progress of the body
  • heart test shows presence of calcium in the arteries 

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