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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Diversity in Workplace

While you may think that having proper ratio of workers is equal to having a diverse work place you could be no further from the truth. Diversity has more to do with promoting acceptance, respect, and teamwork. It matters not race, age, gender, language, politics, religion or sex. I myself was considered an older worker recently by one of the managers at the place I work. This did not mean and I was not treated any different but it does happen.

Having a more diverse workplace makes for a better more relaxed place as well. Employees from a wide variety of demographics and backgrounds can come together to create innovative results. Working together to achieve a common goal is a place of business that practices diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Being able to accept co-workers is the start of successfully creating a diversified workplace. Lack of  acceptance among employees may arise in conflict. It has been shown that no respect can lead to violent conflict in the workplace. Being able to accept co-workers has a much different result. One of which can mean sharing of ideas and collaboration among co-workers.

Have your ever felt a bit nervous when sharing your cultural, spiritual, and political beliefs?? Conversation on these subjects can sometimes pose a challenge in a diverse workplace. Employees should be instructed not to discuss religion, ethnicity and personal beliefs while working

While many have worked to create a model of a diverse workplace but sadly, issues from ethnic and cultural differences are still present in the workplace. Cultural sensitivities training and diversity awareness programs in the workplace can hopefully help.

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