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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

St. Nicholas Day

December 6 is considered by many countries to be Saint Nicholas' Day. In the Netherlands the day is celebrated on December 5 and other Christian countries celebrate with a feast on December 19.

St. Nicholas day is celebrated as a Christian festival during a mass hosting a bringer of gifts. Germany , Poland and other European countries hold a special mass where boys dress as bishops begging for alms for the poor. Ukrainian children wait for St. Nicholas to come and put a present under their pillows. This would indicate the child had been good during the year. Those little boys and girls who were not good would find a twig or piece of coal. Children in the Netherlands put out a clog filled with hay as well as a carrot for the horse of St. Nicholas. In the U.S. children leave their shoes in the front room so that St. Nicholas will place coins in the shoe during the night.

Santa Claus and Father Christmas have been inspired by Saint Nicholas.

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?? What is your celebration like??

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