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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mitten Tree

December 6th has long been Mitten Tree day. Every year mitten tree day is a great time to put your own mittens and head outside. Many times others have collected mittens and hanged them on a tree. These mittens are then given to children who are in need.

The origin of mitten tree is unknown. It is believed that a few school teachers may have come together to celebrate the Christmas season. Others believe that "The Mitten Tree" book authored by Candace Christiansen.

Mitten Tree Day has been celebrated on December 6 of every year. It is a fun holiday that would especially beloved by the children. During this snowy day, mittens would have assisted us to stay little warm. They have helped us make a snowball and even the giant snowman. The role of mittens during the chill snowflake is quite significant. Today, we celebrate these cosy fuzzy mittens with a Mitten Tree Day in the calendar.

Which is better gloves or mittens?? They each have a good point to make :

hands can move more freely in gloves
warmth may be found in mittens as all fingers are kept together

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