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Monday, August 7, 2017

Stop on Red

Some time in every drivers life we have or will run a red light. It has and will always be a traffic violation in any state. This is well known by most every one. Many think running a stop light or red light will never lead to anything bad. There could be nothing farther from the truth. The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) and others have created the National Stop on Red Week to remind all drivers of th dangeers of running red lights.

Seven reasons why you should stop on Red:

  1. Running a red light is not only dangerous to you, but to other drivers as well. If you do not stop you could hit a driver who has the green light. If there are two stop signs and neither of you stop then you could hit each other. 
  2. Thousands of lives a year are taken as a result of red light running 
  3. Car crashes have a cost of billions of dollars a year
  4. Many of us know someone who has been injured or killed in a red light running crash. For me it is my kid brother who at the age of 4 years old was involved in an accident when another car ran a stop light and hit my mother. The crash caused my brother to nearly lose his eye, thankfully he kept his eye and his sight but has a scar that he has and will have for life
  5. The leading cause death for children 4 years old is motor veehicle accidents. Children ages 3 and children between ages of 5 to 14 car crashes are second leading cause of death
  6. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and passengers in cars hit by a red light runner account for half of all deaths 
  7. Drivers in metropolitan areas are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash as a result of a red light runner as opposed to other car types. 

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