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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reuben Sandwich with Kraut and Cheese

If you have been a fan of my blog long I would love to thank you and if you are new then thank you as well. If you have been around a bit though you may recall that I work outside of the home as a nurse.  I recently was talking to one of my good friends who helped break me into the medical field. I was surprised to hear that he had some bad luck with his health and was no longer able to work. I can recall the many different meals we shared together at work. He would often have a Reuben sandwich and for him I am sharing this recipe

2 Slices of Rye Bread
100g of Regular salted Butter
Cornichons (Baby Gherkins)
Pickled Onions
200g Sauerkraut
A Pinch of Thyme
6 slice of Pastrami
100g swiss cheese
Caraway seeds (To Taste)

Lightly butter Rye Bread Slices. Take a small handful of Cornichons and sprinkle evenly over slices. Breakup one pickled onion and place over slices.
Take Sauerkraut and evenly spread around bread slices, covering the Cornichons and Pickled Onions.
Grab a shallow teaspoon of Caraway seeds and sprinkle over Sauerkraut to taste and add a small pinch of thyme.
Layer Pastrami liberally and grate the swiss cheese over sandwich.
Place slices on a tray, and lightly grill for a couple of minutes or until cheese has melted.

Makes 2 sandwiches

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