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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Get Ready for Kindergarten

One thing that your child should know when starting kindergarten is the alphabet. One easy way to learn the alphabet is to sing the ABC song together.

Your child should also know how to recognize their first and last name. Being able to spell it is even better.

Another way to give your child a headstart in kindergarten is to teach them their letters. If they can recognize the complete set of letters both lowercase and capital this will help them greatly. A fun way to teach them how to write their letters is by drawing the letters on traceable paper and let them trace them. There are also printable worksheets you can find on the internet.

Pre-kindergarted students should know how to count from 1 to 20. This takes some time so be patient. If you practice counting several times a day your child will have lots of practice and again you will have offered a chance for a headstart. Again tracing the numbers is a great way to know the numbers

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  1. As an ex-teacher, I like all your suggestions. The more parent work with their children the better.


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