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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

American Artist Jackson Pollock

The great American Artist Paul Jackson Pollock was born January 28, 1912. He would become known simply as Jackson Pollock. He was a major player in the artistic  world of abstract expressionist. His style of drip painting is what helped make him famous.

During Pollocks short life during the early 1900's in America he would enjoy considerable fame and notoriety. He was rather reclusive as his volatile behavior and alcoholism kept him in the shadows while his art work shined. At the age of 44 Jackson died in a car accident while driving. Shortly after his death a retrospective exhebition of his artwork was placed on display as a memorial. In 1967 a larger exhibit was hosted in the Modern Art in New York City Jackson Pollock left a legend behind as his art technique and many pieces of art work, Enjoy a few:

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  1. I didn't know anything about him until I saw the movie years ago. I really like his work.


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