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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Be Cool Go To School

Playing Hooke from school is not a new scenario. In fact it has been around for quite some time. Way back before there were laws that ensured kids went to school they were trying to skip out. I am not ashamed nor proud of the fact that I have skipped school before . In return karma came back and I had a child that did not want to get up for school and often tried to skip out as well. There are a few things as parents we can do to help our child want to go to school. 

First, let your child(ren) know that their education is very important to the family. They should want to go to make sure that they will go far in life. Often Children desire to please their parents whether they admit it or not and by letting them know its important you may just implore their sense to go to school. 

Second, make sure your child has a regular bedtime. Sleep is important to a young growing body and at least 8 hours of sleep every night is needed. While sleep is important wakening up in time for school is important as well. Be sure to set the alarm to go off at the correct time and that it is turned on. With young children having the extra help of mom or dad is important as well. I was blessed to have a parent send me to school through out my young years. 

Let your child know that unexcused abscences will not be tolerated Talk to them about why they are not attending school properly. Be sure to listen to the answer as well. Praise your child each time they attend school and complete their assignments. Something that helped my kids was that I got involved with the school. 

I am in hopes that your child will love starting school and that the excitement continues to build through out the year. 



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