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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Car Brake Safety Month

August is Brake Safety Awareness Month If you have been waiting for a better time to get your brakes checked on your car this is the time. Often there are some great deals on brake jobs at this time. Highly trained technicians can inspect your car or truck's brakes and ensure that you and the ones you love will be protected.

Did you know:
When a car is driving a mere 30 mph it still takes 80 feet for the brake system to stop the car.?? A bit scary to think about. Is your brakes working well in your car??

The brakes on a car helps to keep your car safe and running properly This is why it is important to keep the brakes on your vehicle in good working order. Staying up with your brakes can also prevent more costly repairs down the line. The braking system on all vehicles is complicated and contains many components. This is why you should have your braking system inspected at various times paying close attention to ensure they are working properly.

Warning signs brakes may need checked:
car brakes are not responsive as they normally are
the brake pedal is low, spongy or soft or if the brake pedal is too high or hard.
the brake pedal pulses or hops
wheels lock during braking
car pulls to one side when using brakes
brakes squeal or make grinding noise.
steering wheel vibrates, shimmies or pulses during braking
brake warning light is on alerting you that you have  a problem with your brakes.


  1. It is the best time to check brake system on your car. Highly trained technician can able to inspect your car's brake and ensure you it would be in proper condition. Considering the safety factor brake provide safety to your vehicle as well as to you if these are in proper working condition. If some fault occur to your brake system don't ignore the warning signs. These warnings are may be produced noise like grinding sounds, wheels lock during braking. At that time you should consult to a car mechanic to fixes your issues.

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