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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weed Out Hate

Every gardener knows that the bad guy is the weed. The garden must be protected and in most cases the gardener is ready to pluck that weed away. In real life we have many issues that damage our heart as well. Who is it that will watch for the weeds in our hearts?? Weeding by our self is hard work and soon we may grow tired and the little hate weeds will come back. Hate is a learned behavior and so it is hard to keep it out of our heart. We can choose to share love or to have our heart covered up by the weeds of hate. 

Today take a moment and set aside differences so that you can enjoy life. Hate will consume our lives but it is never too late to sow new seeds that we can watch and let grow to greatness


  1. Hate is something that we need to be weeding out every single day!

    1. amen one of the nastiest words or at least that is what my grandma always said
      thanks for stopping by


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