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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Medication Safety

Make sure you know what medications you use and how to take them

Misusing Drugs is a serious public health problem. There is an average of 82% of American adults take at least one medication and 29% take 5 or more medications. Ensuring that medication prescription is followed correctly is where the problem begins. There is an average of 700,000 E.R. hospital visits out of these there are 120,000 visits due to medication issues annually. This entails around $3.5 billion financially. It is thought that the number of visits as well as amount of money will grow because of:

Development of new medications
Discovery of new uses for older medications
Aging American population
Increase in the use of medications for disease prevention
Increased coverage for prescription medications

It is recommended that you keep an updated list of your medications in your wallet or purse. The list should include 

  • medication name
  • dose
  • how often taken
  • what it is taken for
  • what vitamin or over the counter products you use
  • what medication is any you are allergic to
This list should be handy and shared with the physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

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  1. AND so important that we keep track of everything we are taking!

  2. It seems like more and more medication is becoming something ripple have to take for life instead of just to hit the cause and move on with life. Then there are medications to help with the side effects of the other medications and it is confusing and diffciult for people to keep up

  3. I have never thought of putting a list of my prescriptions in my wallet. That's a good suggestion! Thankfully I am not on any medications anymore, but this is good info to know and pass on!


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