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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Time To Spring Clean

Keeping the house in a state of spring cleaning year round will help you when it comes time to deep clean. The goal in our home is to have everyone help out. That way no one person is doing all the cleaning and we all get to have a bit more fun. I once was the clutter queen but now I say no to clutter. I give things away, donate to good will, put things in the trash and if things are to be stored that is where they go. Being a past hoarder this is something I have to stay on top of working toward the goal daily. 
Each day starts with cleaning up any room clutter this act will happen again at the end of the day. Everyone is responsible for making their own bed, putting away their own clothes and throwing away any trash in their room. Following the meal times we clean up kitchen before we move into a different room. The bathrooms are to be kept clean as well. Wiping down the shower, tub, toilet and sink as needed. 
Everyone is assigned a day of the week to do their laundry. If they have uniforms that need to be cleaned these are done every afternoon while preparing supper. Everyone works together to get all folded, hanged up and put away. 
Now while I know what I need to do and what works for our family when did all this spring cleaning start??

Spring cleaning has a history that goes back to 3000 years b.c. It was part of the traditions to the renewal process. An Iranian Festival Nowruz used rituals during their New Year to shake the house. Thorough cleaning of all rooms and surfaces in the household is done. Spring Cleaning is thought to be much like this ancient tradition. 
The preparation for the Jewish Holiday passover also required a rigorous form of cleaning. Passover a spring time fest held normally hosted in April requires a good clean house to eliminate all traces of food from the home. 
The Chinese also host a holiday that requires the home to be cleaned well. The Chinese home from any bad luck or misfortune. Rubbish must be thrown away and broken household items must be tossed as well. Sweeping the floors is forbidden as you may "sweep away" your good fortune. But all must be sparkling clean before they expect good fortune and luck.

Do you have any tips to share concerning spring cleaning?? I would love to hear them. Have you completed your spring cleaning??

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