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Monday, April 3, 2017

Children Have Anxiety Issues Too

Childhood is a time that is free spirit and a time to have fun. That is what we all think that childhood is about. Today's child though is deemed to do so many things. We all want the best for our children and sometimes that may overwhelm our children. So Anxiety becomes a very big problem in their lives. As parents we want to shield our children from lie's anxious moments. There are a few things that you may do to help your child through the moments of anxiety. 

My mother used to take time to get a piece of paper and pen and we would take turns drawing . We would doodle swing sets and flowers and birds and the list goes on. The truth is that while I did not know it and I am not sure that she did either the anxiety that I felt was being outsourced. Drawing, painting or doodling helps kids by offering an outlet for their feelings when they are unable to describe in words how they feel. 

Always remind your child that  they are loved. Those may be the best words every child needs to hear "I Love You" carries more power than many believe. It can provide a very calming feeling. While you are reassuring them that they are loved and alway will be take the opportunity to assure them that you are ready for the big event that is coming up and you know that all will be o.k. Excitement about the future is contagious and can build the excitement for some time.

While they are feeling a bit overwhelmed with their own feelings assure them you have those feelings as well. Whether they are scared, nervous or anxious do not be embarrassed to let them know that you and many others have felt those feelings as well. Tell them you know it is no fun and that life can be hard but it will pass. Showing that you have empathy for them will win them over in many situations. Your older child may even relate to this conversation and help them overcome anxiety.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with anxiety?? Does your child?? What ways have you found that help your child deal with anxiety?? 

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