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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Get The Word Out:: WE can Help Abused Children

Every year million of children around the world are victims of abuse and neglect. The year 2017 is no different there will be many innocent victims hurt. There are many more that will receive help to avoid continuing abuse. Child help an organization that is dedicated to helping children who are in situations where they suffer from neglect and abuse. Today, april 5th, is the Day of Hope. It is a day to remember all those that are included in the statistics and those that are not as well. Abuse can come in many forms physical violence, sexual abuse, and neglect are the top three.

Childhelp has over 50 years of experience around the world. Through use of their programs millions of children have been helped. Childhelp originated as International Orphans. The focus in the beginning was to assist the children of American Soldiers and Japanese women in the 1960s. The group has also been known as Children's Village USA. before it was named Childhelp. Today Childhelp is on the list of largest child abuse prevention organization and does not receive any form of government funding.

Those who have suffered through child abuse can find help as well. Childhelp offers treatment in residential areas in such places as "Children's Village" these children come to them from the court system in need of help. In the center you will find therapists, social workers,and medical professionals.

The Day of Hope is a great time for you to get involved. Find a place to volunteer or help raise awareness of child abuse. Tonight light a five wicked candle in a place where all will see. The candle symbolizes hope to those dealing with trauma of child abuse.

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