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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stalking Awareness

Stalking is course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.

Since the late 1990's Americans have become more aware of harassing and stalking behavior. January has been named national stalking month. It is meant to bring awareness to the dangers and issues of stalking and help people engage in stalking prevention. As always the goal is to also educate yourself and all those that you love. Stalking is unwanted attention, harassment, pursuit of following of another person that will emotionally upset them.

Stalkers participate in behaviors such as :

Follow you and show up wherever you are.
Send unwanted gifts, letters, cards or e-mails.
Damage your home, car or other property.
Monitor your phone calls or computer use.
Use technology, like hidden cameras or GPS to track where you go.
Drive by or hang out at your home, school, or work.
Threaten to hurt you, your family, friends or pets.
Find out about you by using public records or online search services, hiring investigators, going through your garbage, or contacting friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.
Posting information or spreading rumors about you on the Internet, in a public place or by word of mouth.
Other actions that control, track or frighten you.

Stalking may also escalate into vandalism, cyber stalking, breaking and entering, physical attacks, destruction of property, or acts of terror. It may start out slow and simply unwanted but once the stalker's behavior is started it may be hard to get stopped. The stalker him or her self often has trouble stopping as it becomes an obsession. The stalker views their self as the victim and then the crime becomes more dangerous and difficult to stop.

Stalkers often can not handle rejection well, are jealous and act as if they are in control, manipulative, narcissistic and obsessively compulsive. Their goal is to scare or keep you the victim in suspense of what will happen next. It is very important that one stops stalking immediately by facing what is going on and making the stalker know there is no relationship wanted. If the stalking continues or escalates the victim should seek legal action immediately Know your state's law what can be done, what evidence should be kept and create a safety plan. Inform everyone in your life from family and friends to employers. 

What Can You Do To Help:
Start by promoting the month national Stalking Awareness Month You can find useful resources here you will find posters, buttons, magnets, and logos, banners, letterhead as well as a sample news release. 

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