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Friday, January 20, 2017

Cheese Lovers Enjoy Grilled Cheese

The ooey gooey of a grilled cheese sandwich is perfect year round.  American comfort food to the finest. Most comfortable at home around the kitchen table along side a bowl of tomato soup. The grilled cheese sandwich has come a long way since that time. 

The grilled cheese sandwich is filled with warm, gooey cheese. The two crunchy, buttery slices of white toast was a delicious treat.  Through child-hood the grilled cheese was something that could be counted on. Then all of a sudden the grilled cheese started to changed and dressed up. Superior cheese, nuts, honey and meat were added. The designer world of grilled cheese sandwiches had started. 

The grilled cheese made with American cheese and wonder bread had been changed into a Gruyere grilled cheese on artisan bread topped with caramelized onions. Of course there have been other breads and cheese combinations used  The american grilled cheese came about during the 1920s. 

Wonder bread came about around the same time as America was falling in love with the grilled cheese.  Wonder sold whole loaves as well as pre-sliced bread. In 1917 kraft started selling processed canned cheese to the U.S. Army. Velveeta came about in 1928 and individual wrapped cheese slices in 1965. It was Velveeta that my mom would make grilled cheese from. With these food inventions the grilled cheese would become a classic. 

The grilled cheese was sold in diners, lunch counters, and even appeared in many cookbooks. It was the American home where grilled cheese got its most popularity. According to research even today Americans eat an average of 2.2 billion grilled cheese a year. The tips and tricks developed over time include anything from cooking in a iron skillet to butter the bread only and yet others say butter the pan. The best tip is to use good thinly sliced bread and a good melting cheese. 
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