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Friday, January 20, 2017

Coffee Break

Coffee is what many consider their drug of choice. The truth is they may be right. Coffee can help lower your risk of diabetes, parkinson's disease, and colon cancer. Coffee can help you get in a better mood and treat a headache. Coffee can also help lower your risk of cavities. The news has shared on more than one occasion that the more your drink coffee the better.

Harvard researchers calculate that compared with not partaking in America's favorite morning drink. They learned that drinking between 1 to 3 cups of coffee helped reduce diabetes risk by single digits. Having 6 cups or more could help slash men's risk by 54% and women's by 30%.

There is an average of 108 million Americans who routinely drink coffee on a daily basis. This number includes both Adults and children. The good thing is they can continue to take their coffee break because research shows that it is more healthful than harmful.

Coffee is great for our health but there are other things that coffee is great for as well. These include

  • coffee grounds easily get rid of ants simply put the coffee grounds on the ant hills. Do this for each ant hill that is located around the area you want to protect. 
  • coffee grounds is great for the kitchen drain. Use a cup of coffee grounds and tip down the plughole Follow with a kettle of boiling water. Leave to work on the odors
  • Dye clothes brown by soaking garment in strong black unsugared coffee. This is not colour fast
  • coffee grounds are good to clean any stain resistant surfaces. With the mild and gentle abrasive element and smells fresh too. Use this tip to clean smelly ashtrays and greasy surfaces
  • Coffee is great for gardening. A tip my grandmother and mother often used. Simply add to compost pile with other kitchen waste
  • Use in live fisherman bait. The moist coffee grounds will be easier to pick up when you need them and they also like coffee as much as we do so it will help them live longer
  • Coffee will help in gardening carrots. Add coffee to your seeds before sowing. This makes planing easier to sow seeds, the smell of coffee will also repel root maggots and other pests this will allow carrots to be thicker and juiser. 
  • Coffee grounds and orange peel will make a strong scent to keep cats out of garden beds

So coffee has many great reasons and why to help humans. If you have been reading this post during coffee break time your break may be over  so head back to work 

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