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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hat Day

When I met my husband 31 years ago he wore a hat in fact he would not go out without a hat. He loved hats and if you are like him and like hats as well then today is your day. National hat day is a great way to show off your hat with style. 

There are two days for those who love hats. The first happens on November 25th as International Hat Day. Today, January 15th is National Hat Day  However, if you dont like hats then you can choose not to celebrate either of these days. 

Hats are great to keep your head warm, cover bald spots on your head or disguise a bad hair day. On hot sunny days keep the sun out of your eyes by wearing a hat. 

The business of designing and manufacturing hats is called millinery. This is because that the best hats came from Milan Italy. This job was traditionally the job of a woman. Hats were often indication of where someone stood in their social status. Men should remove their hat while inside but women may continue to wear them. 

Celebrate hat day by wearing a hat. It would be fun if you could get a group of friends together to wear hats. Another idea is to gather several hats and change throughout the day. A stylish , silly or edgy hat would be great to wear out and about.  Be sure to document the day by taking selfies throughout the day. 

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