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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day of Hugging

Get a Hug Give a Hug....

Today, January 21st is National Hugging Day. This holiday occurs one time every year and is dedicated to hugging. The holiday was created by Reverend Kevin Zaborney on January 21st 1986 in Caro Michigan USA. This holiday is welcomed and observed in other countries as well. The Idea behind the day is to encourage everyone to hug family and friends more often. Be sure to ask your intended hug victim first before hugging them as they may not feel like a hug. 

This cute little card can be attached to a hug candy and shared with all those you see....

This day is not a public holiday It is a day to celebrate and help everyone show emotions. Simply offer a hug to anyone and everyone you want. Hug a family member or a stranger the mental and physical health benefits will be the same

When I entered my husbands family they were all loved to welcome you with a hug. They were a family of huggers and I came from a family that never really touched each other. The great thing was that after a while I adapted and did well. Now after 30 years they may consider me a hugger as well.

Today hug someone

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