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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Old Maid Card Game

When I was a kid I spent hours playing games with my sisters. It was very fun and memorable as well. There were board games, puzzles and card games. One of the games that we played a lot was Old Maid, no one wanted to be her and we all played hard so we weren't.

A victorian card game where up to eight but at least two players vied not to be Old Maid. It was derived from an ancient gambling game where the loser pays for the drinks. The game is boasted on the theme of bluffing.

Most games of Old Maid are played with a card deck specifically crafted for playing the game of Old Maid. You can play with a regular deck of 52 cards as well. Simply add or remove a card so that there is one that will not match. Adding a joker to the deck works the best. The joker is then the old maid and whoever has it at the loses the game.

Playing the Game:
dealer deals all the cards to the players. It does not matter if players has more than the other as long as all the cards are dealt. Any pairs that the players are holding are discarded face up.

Starting with the dealer each player will take turns offering his or her hand face down to the person on his or her left. The player offered selects a card and makes a pair if possible. The game continues to all players. Players can shuffle their hands before offering it to the next player choosing the card. The game continues until all the pairs are made and one person is left with the old maid and loses.

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