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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Great Place to see Talent

The Great American Brass Band Festival will have 50 artists who will perform in a juried event June 5th and 6th. An estimated 32,000 plus people attending the festival will come from backgrounds of arts enthusiasts. Months ago interested artisans were given a call to action. Exhibitors, vendors and more were given the opportunity to sign up to attend. Exhibitors from backgrounds of clay, digital art, drawing, pastel, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media 2D and 3D, painting, photography, print, sculpting, watercolor, wood and other media will be present.

Organizers have been busy their selves as the festival was being planned. Attending conferences, visiting other festivals, and talking to art festival organizers was among the research they did. Many are coming together to ensure the event is successful. Plans are in motion to have this event for years to come.

The art festival will help bring in visitors. Filling the weekend with artistic experiences will help ensure all have fun as well. Organizers job is to support artists and musicians and to help educate a buying and consuming audience. The festival is a visual arts show only, books and music will not be considered. A team of judges will score submitted art to decide if it will be included in the show.

So if you are nearby and want to head out to Danville Kentucky the event sounds promising. The event will take place June 2nd through the 5th

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