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Friday, June 3, 2016

Get Outdoors

Southern Illinois nicknamed "Little Egypt" is the southern 1/3 of the state of Illinois. The area code of this part of the state is 618 and is geographically, culturally, and economically different from the rest of the state. Three sides of this area are bordered by rivers. Rivers including the Wabash, Ohio and Mississippi River. 

The 1.2 million individuals who live in southern Illinois live mainly in rural towns and cities separated by extensive farmland and the Shawnee National Forest.. Southern Illinois is hilly and rocky which makes it different than the rest of the state. Southern Illinois is more like the Ozarks. Rivers and waterways are part of the landscape of Southern Illinois as is the Shawnee National Forest. More than 270,000 acres of Shawnee National Forest lie south of harrisburg which is the gateway to the shawnee. The Shawnee Forest is perfect for picnics, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

Tomorrow, June 4th American Hiking Society's National Trails Day will take place in parks in all 50 states. Many states including Illinois have wonderful areas where you can kick start a summer filled with adventures. To find a perfect event that fits what you are looking for you can visit 

No matter your ability level there are paths that are perfect for hiking. Wanting to climb the mountain or take a walk in a park there are events that are suited just for your ability and need. Take some time do a bit of research to find local trails, hiking safety, nutrition, and experience that you are looking fo

Do you like riding a bike?? Biking is becoming more and more popular. There are great paths for biking around scenic and historic sites. 

For those that love the water there are areas to swim as well as paddle boat. Whether you have been boating all your life or are a beginner there is place for you. 

Looking to get involved so others can enjoy the great outdoors?? There are opportunities for you as well There are those that help build trails, clean up the landscape, and maintain existing trails. 

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